This is the most comprehensive masterclass ever made on creating dynamic, powerful, and masterful artistic nude photographs.


Accountability. It's what makes the difference between passively learning, and actively implementing elegant ideas into your work, right now!

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Meet Your New Mentors

Joel Belmont and Craig Blacklock reveal the cutting-edge technical skills, dynamic approaches to collaborating with models, and ingenious methods they have used to to captivate audiences with their art for over 60 years. For the first time ever, learn the secrets of how these modern masters approach working with the nude, to previsualize and precisely craft, powerful works of art. There has never been a class like this before.


You get the cutting-edge workbook that's reserved for our on-location creative intensives.


You'll receive access to our online private community, where Alumni share feedback on images. Joel also provides image critiques with select students.


Exclusive templates, scripts, forms, and checklists to make it a breeze to find and seamlessly collaborate with models.

Create Your Best Images Now

Why wait to truly transform your photography?

We spent over 4 years capturing and refining the best content from our iconic Dynamic Nude Photography Workshops - and we have transformed it into a creative intensive that you can experience at your own pace and in your own home!

This online course is designed to take you through the same transformational process, including 32 cutting-edge Video Lessons shot on location in Utah and Colorado, 8 compelling Assignments to convert theory to action, our in-depth course workbook to expand your capabilities, and cutting edge presentations that will enlarge your sphere of possibilities.

In this Masterclass, you'll learn:

  • - The 7 Steps you must take BEFORE releasing the shutter
  • - The 4 Elements of Successful Composition that the Masters knew
  • - The 10 questions to ask any Model that will Generate Creative Gold for your Images
  • - The Simple Method for Capturing more Depth of Field than your Lens can Produce
  • - The 5 elements that will transcend any Snapshot into a Compelling Visual Narrative
  • - How to Achieve Perfect Exposures even in Insane Light Conditions
  • - Understanding how Visual Symbolism can add Exponential Depth to your Images
  • - How to gain More Resolution in your Prints
  • - 3 side-by-side Comparisons of how two Art Nude Masters approach the same subjects, to widen your creative possibilities
  • - An inside look at the process used to filter and find better quality models and collaborators – to save you countless hours of toil
  • - 2 Cutting-Edge Tools to help you dig deep into your own unique experience, and pull out ideas you can immediately implement into your Photographs
  • - Our 8 most compelling Assignments, to provide a vehicle for accountability and acceleration in your photography
  • - And much, much more!

Never before has this much elite content been jam-packed into one creative intensive!

What You're Gonna Get:

  • • The Dynamic Nude Masterclass ($2,997 Value)
  • • Ready-to-Use Templates, Contracts, Scripts + Checklists ($997 Value)
  • • 9 Secrets of Successful Collaboration with Models ($997 Value)
  • • Lifetime Membership to our private online Artistic Nude Mastermind Group ($497 Value)
  • • On-Location Workshop Coursebook (First 50 Only) (Priceless!)


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No fine print... no gimmicks. If you complete the video lessons and assignments within 30 days, and can show no improvement in your photography, we'll refund every last cent. There is zero risk - either you experience creative transformation, or the class is on us. Either way - you win!

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“This was an amazing opportunity to learn the art of photography. Joel really built my self-confidence in my photography skills, and I learned years’ worth of self-taught experience in a weeks’ time. I highly recommend this to anyone at any level of your photographic journey.” -David Oldeen

“This was one of the best experiences I have had in photography…ever! I fell in love with photography again and it enriched my desire to do more with it. I have participated in other photography courses, and can honestly say there is no comparison.” -Steve Fowler


Course Content

Lessons Status

01: Introduction - The Dynamic Nude Masterclass


02: Snapshots vs. Artistic Intent


03: Behind the Lens: Joel Belmont


04: Behind the Lens: Craig Blacklock


05: Part I - Foundation


06: What Goes Into a Photograph


07: The 7 Steps for Crafting an Artistic Nude Photograph (Part 1)


08: The 7 Steps for Crafting an Artistic Nude Photograph (Part 2)


09: Assignment - The 7 Elements of a Photograph


10: Part II - Refining the Craft


11: Elements of Compelling Composition


12: Assignment - Eliminating Elements


13: Refining Composition (Part 1)


14: Refining Composition (Part 2)


15: Assignment - Dynamic Composition


16: Advanced Technique: Stacked Focus (Part 1)


17: Advanced Technique: Stacked Focus (Part 2)


18: Advanced Technique: Panoramic Stitching


19: Advanced Technique: Extended Dynamic Range


20: Editing Workflow: Adobe Camera Raw


21: Assignment - Your ONE Image


22: Part III: The Human Connection


23: The Inspired Nude


24: Working with Models: Empathy is Essential


25: Working with Models: Communication and Collaboration


26: The 9 Secrets of Successful Collaboration (Part 1)


27: The 9 Secrets of Successful Collaboration (Part 2)


28: Assignment - The Key to Collaboration


29: Part IV - Integration


30: Where Art and Life Converge


31: Assignment - The Vision Funnel


32: Crafting the Visual Narrative: The Expressive Photograph


33: Crafting the Visual Narrative: Connection to the Landscape


34: Crafting the Visual Narrative: Props as Introspection


35: Crafting the Visual Narrative: Props as Metaphor


36: Crafting the Visual Narrative: Props as Connection


37: Crafting the Visual Narrative: Found Objects


38: Crafting the Visual Narrative: Light as Form, Shadow as Shape


39: Assignment - Crafting the Visual Question


40: Part V - Approaches


41: Approaches: Slick Rock – Joel


42: Approaches: Slick Rock – Craig


43: Approaches: Massive Wall – Joel


44: Approaches: Massive Wall – Craig


45: Approaches: Heavy Grotto Wall - Joel


46: Approaches: Heavy Grotto Wall - Craig


47: Part VI - Accelleration


48: Defining Direction


49: Assignment - Defining Direction


50: Masterclass - Conclusion

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“Without a doubt – this changed my perspective on life as a photographer and as a human being. Anyone interested in fine art photography should consider this.” -Salvador Andalon

“One of the best decisions I’ve made all year! In the past 10 years I have participate in several photography programs, but this one was like no other!! It helped me slow down my process, compose and capture the finished image in-camera, and gave me a clear direction of where my photography is headed. If you have the opportunity to learn from Joel, DO IT…you won’t regret it!” –Francine Duffy

“It helped me advance my skills to a new level. It’s worth every penny.” -Lonnie Tate

Learn the 5 elements that will transcend any Snapshot
into a Compelling Visual Narrative.